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Is The Gas Tax Holiday A Gimmick?

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach Could gas prices get any higher? Yes, they can and it is expected that gas and diesel prices will continue to increase. Federal officials are looking for ways to reduce pain at the pump as gas and diesel prices continue to soar. As Americans get ready for a busy […]

The Off-Grid Car

The interest in tiny homes and off-grid living reflects a growing weariness with being carried along, unwillingly, by the rip-tide of “technology” as it makes life superficially easier but also alienating. Cars are a good example. You can start the engine without a key, but when the engine won’t start, what do you do? Most […]

EPA to Expand E15 Ethanol Fuel – Is Ethanol Bad For Your Car’s Engine?

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach The Biden administration announced it will suspend a federal rule that bars higher levels of ethanol in gasoline during the summertime. The move is intended to lower fuel prices. However, that decision to authorize year-round use of E15 or 15 percent ethanol will impact gas supplies, prices, your car’s engine, and […]

Ethanol Is Bad For the Environment

By Lauren Fix, Car Coach Reports We are all feeling the pain at the pump. As gasoline prices rose in the 15 years (or so) ago, some suggested that converting our corn supply to ethanol was the answer—and both the automotive industry and “environmentalists” quickly embraced the theory. Now, with hindsight always better than foresight, […]

If MPGs Were Really the Reason

Gas mileage has been a kind of fetish object for the government officials these past 40-something years. But is it really about gas mileage? Or is gas mileage just the excuse for something else—something even more sinister than a handful of people contravening what buyers want, as expressed by their willingness to buy? Let’s consider a couple of things […]

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