14 Alerts From the ALERT Tag

For Immediate Attention: More than Truckers Are Affected by Speed Limiters

Dear NMA Supporters, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCVSA) has revived an abandoned effort to mechanically limit the maximum speed of trucks. A federal notice asks for comment on Docket ID No. FMCSA-2022-0004-0001, which proposes to apply speed limiters to all new trucks over 26,000 lbs. with electronic engine-management systems. FMCSA is considering extending […]

Pennsylvania Alert: Legislative Activity to Be Aware of With General Assembly Back in Session

The Pennsylvania General Assembly will be convening again on May 23, and will be in session until the end of June. Before summer recess is always a perilous time for driving bills since they try to slide some in hoping you will not notice. The most likely subject to see immediate action is another attempt […]

Immediate Attention: Call/Email your Indiana House Reps to Oppose Senate Bill 179–Speed Cam Bill

Dear Indiana Members, At the end of January, the Indiana Senate passed SB179, and then sent the bill to the House. On Monday, House leadership assigned the bill to the Roads and Transportation Committee and was put on today’s Committee agenda at the last minute. SB179 appears to be on the fast track. Here is the main […]

Immediate Attention: Call/Email your Indiana House Reps to Oppose House Bill 1150

Dear Indiana Members, On January 12, 2022, the House Roads and Transportation Committee will be discussing HB1150 that would authorize the use of speed cameras in school zones. Contact your state house representative today to ask them to oppose this bill. Here is the link to see the committee’s agenda and find out who is […]

Immediate Attention: Contact Governor Gavin Newsom TODAY about AB43–the Traffic Safety Bill

Dear California NMA Members, AB43 is a “hair on fire” situation. The bill, generically titled “Traffic Safety,” was passed by the state Senate and Assembly earlier this month by votes of 30 to 5 and 68 to 5 respectively, with a few abstentions in both chambers. AB43 was forwarded to Governor Newsom on September 17th and […]

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