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AM Radio Bill Vote Blocked – We Want to Keep AM Radio In Our Cars

By Lauren Fix Now is the time to contact your elected representative and tell them to pass the Save AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act. This is an update to the Save AM Radio act and AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act. I’m shocked that lawmakers from all sides have not passed this obvious bill […]

When Can Drivers Expect Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars on the Road?

By Martin Banks Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are two front runners for carbon-free motoring. BEVs are currently in the lead by a mile — though some in the industry consider hydrogen the superior option.  With that in mind, when can drivers expect hydrogen fuel cell cars on the road? […]

BREAKING: EV’s are A SCAM – PROOF Government Cheating Scandal REVEALED!

By Lauren Fix The Biden administration and the Department of Energy colluded to rig estimated gas mileage from EVs to look seven times more efficient than gas powered cars – but they’re not! This is a cheating scandal the government has created to push electric cars and lie to consumers. This is illegal because without […]

The Last V6 Standing

By Eric Peters, NMA Member and Syndicated Columnist In less-than-a-year-from-now, you will never again be able to buy a new mid-sized sedan with a six-cylinder engine. At least, not for less than $60,000 or so. Dodge has already stopped making the 2023 Charger — which used to come standard with a V6 (and for $33,200 […]

A Metric of Desperation

By Eric Peters, NMA Member and Syndicated Columnist The other day, we got what lots of people are getting in the mail: A letter from a new car dealer pleading with us to sell them a car: “Due to severe supply chain disruptions in new vehicle production, we are desperate for inventory,” the letter begins. […]

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