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2024 Volkswagen debuts three-row ID. Buzz

By Lauren Fix The 2024 Volkswagen ID.Buzz 3-row is going to make vans cool again. It’s the closest the German automaker has come to reviving the long gone, but fondly remembered VW Microbus. This is the first look of the three-row ID. Buzz and celebrating the return of an icon! VW is paying homage to […]

Most Drivers Fear Self-Driving Cars

By Lauren Fix Drivers are increasingly unsure about autonomous technology in cars. They fear the car taking control away from them and prefer to drive themselves. A recent AAA automated vehicle survey show that while there is still a high level of interest in partially-automated vehicle technology, attitudes toward fully self-driving vehicles have become increasingly […]

The Real Reason AM Radio is Being Removed from New Cars

By Lauren Fix AM radio may be fading, but there’s still good reason to keep it around. When was the last time you listened to the radio? Not SiriusXM or internet radio, but good old, commercial-packed terrestrial radio. Even if you’re a diehard FM fan, there’s more than a great chance it’s been a long […]

NMA E-Newsletter #738: The Revenue-Hungry Rise of Automated Ticketing

By Jay Beeber, Director of Policy & Research   For the past few years, we’ve been monitoring a concerning trend in traffic enforcement: a steady shift towards more and more automated ticketing. Unfortunately, this trend appears to be gaining momentum. In California, we’ve witnessed a surge of bills introduced that attempt to authorize various forms of […]

Pothole season is here! Damage to YOUR Car Costs More than You Think

By Lauren Fix In many parts of the country, the weather is warming up and people are seeing the damage from the winter that has destroyed the roads. It seems like pothole-laden obstacle courses are everywhere!. The damage can be very expensive, and that bill is on you! Some of the potholes on the road […]

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