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What Should Drivers Know About Upgrading Their Suspension?

How does the car feel to you when you’re driving it? Does it handle well? Your vehicle should be able to keep you safe if you plan on traveling across long distances. One way to ensure your car’s performance is up to par is by assessing its suspension. An upgrade may be what you need […]

How Driving Age and Norms Vary Throughout the World

At what age are you able to receive your driver’s license? What might it look like to drive on a road in another part of the world? How do people drive, and how does it vary from our own experience here in the United States? The laws and traffic regulations surrounding driving throughout the world […]

How to Slash and Save on Gasoline–11 Easy Tips

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach Is there anything more painful these days than watching your gas gauge head toward empty, knowing it’ll soon be time to fill your tank again? For the first time ever, the nationwide average for a gallon of gas has $5 this summer. Here 11 ways to slash the cost […]

Best Gas Apps to Save and Earn Cash Back and Beat High Gas Prices

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach Whether you’re traveling across town, or across the country, I’m here to share some great tips and hacks to make sure you can drive to your summer destination safely, while maximizing your savings. You can save money by bundling your loyalty programs to maximize your savings at the pump. […]

The Off-Grid Car

The interest in tiny homes and off-grid living reflects a growing weariness with being carried along, unwillingly, by the rip-tide of “technology” as it makes life superficially easier but also alienating. Cars are a good example. You can start the engine without a key, but when the engine won’t start, what do you do? Most […]

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