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BEWARE: Gas Thieves Are Targeting Your Car

By Lauren Fix Gas prices and crime are on the rise. Car owners from New York to California and other states have reported instances of theft by criminals drilling holes into their gas tanks in order to drain and steal the gas. This is not only dangerous it leaves you holding the bill for the […]

EPA to Expand E15 Ethanol Fuel – Is Ethanol Bad For Your Car’s Engine?

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach The Biden administration announced it will suspend a federal rule that bars higher levels of ethanol in gasoline during the summertime. The move is intended to lower fuel prices. However, that decision to authorize year-round use of E15 or 15 percent ethanol will impact gas supplies, prices, your car’s engine, and […]

Why LED Headlights Are Blinding You

Have you ever encountered an alien coming towards you that is nothing more than a giant ball of glare? The auto industry has been busy replacing halogen headlights with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) because the LEDs are small, powerful, and consume little energy.  The problem is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has […]

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