As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocacy organization, one of the most important objectives of the National Motorists Association is to support projects that protect motorists’ rights, improve highway safety, and enhance personal mobility. NMA funding is available for approved projects in three critical areas: Legal Aid Grants, Research Grants, and James C. Walker Motorist Grants.

NMA Legal Aid Grants

This program is designed to help motorists with legal challenges, particularly those that provide an opportunity to set meaningful precedents for motorists in your area and across the country. Are you involved in an important legal battle related to motorist issues and could benefit from some financial assistance?

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NMA Research Grants

Knowledge is gained through research and analysis. This justice-based grant program is designed to support projects that will produce data-driven educational information to improve the safety, enjoyment, and usability of the driving environment for all.

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James C. Walker Motorist Grants

Formerly the Community Support Program, the purpose of these grants is to encourage more people to get involved in projects that can benefit motorists at the local and state levels through the reform of traffic law and/or public policy. Jim Walker, who passed away in 2019, was one of the motoring public’s foremost advocates, epitomizing how effective individuals or groups of individuals could be in producing necessary protections and reforms for drivers.

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With your help, we can fund more projects vital to motorists.

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