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Will Gas Prices Rise Again – Yup! Here’s Why

By Lauren Fix Could gas prices get any higher? Yes, they can and it is expected that gas and diesel prices will continue to increase. Federal officials are looking for ways to reduce pain at the pump as gas and diesel prices continue to soar. As Americans get ready for a busy Labor Day and […]

“The “Pay Per Mile” Scandal: States are Making You Pay BIG TIME!”

By Lauren Fix More toll roads are coming to your state, be prepared as states begin to convert highway, roads and street into toll lanes.  You will have to pay for every mile driven. Governments are trying to tax us in to submission to take mass transit. Who does this really hurt, service workers, landscapers, plumbers […]

Funding for Road Infrastructure–Never Seems to be Enough: NMA E-Newsletter #721

Out of the many transportation problems America currently faces, funding infrastructure remains at the top of the pile. Currently, we pay at the pump both a national and state gas tax and in many local counties and cities around the country, we also pay special sales taxes and wheel taxes for infrastructure. It never seems […]

Gas Tax and Electricity Hikes Inside Inflation Reduction Act

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, passed the Senate on August 9, 2022. Inside the $430 billion bill promoting deficit reduction and climate change, is an increase in your gas taxes. With gas averaging close to $4.00 per gallon across the country, and only weeks removed from record-high prices, this act includes a […]

NMA Legislative Roundup – January-June, 2022: NMA E-Newsletter #705

The January through June legislative activity at the state and national levels is complete. It is worth reviewing a report card of bills resolved during the period, motorist-related legislation that we followed. Overall, 38 bills that the NMA supported or opposed met the fate we desired as opposed to 21 that went against our wishes. […]

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