U.S. oil production will remain ‘historically high’ through 2050

In the EV space, for example, EIA analysts project that clean cars will only make up less than 20% of the overall automobile market in 2050. “Motor gasoline and diesel fuel are still in demand for 2050,” …

37 city workers caught running red lights and speeding in 2022, taxpayers foot the bill

Thirty-seven City of Hamilton (Canada) vehicles were caught on camera running red lights and speeding in 2022, leading to at least $5,850 in fines and potentially unpaid suspensions for workers. But the workers behind the wheel didn’t pay their tickets — the city did.

San Diego police want surveillance technology on city streets

The police department wants to do two things: return to its controversial “smart streetlight” program, attaching 500 video cameras to light poles throughout the city, as well as add technology to those cameras allowing the agency to collect drivers’ location data.

New bipartisan congressional caucus vows to fight New York’s congestion pricing plan

The state’s congestion pricing plan is facing increased opposition in Washington, with New York and New Jersey lawmakers creating a new bipartisan congressional caucus to kill the proposal.

Eight states pursue left lane changes

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and the National Motorists Association say that blocking the left lane, whether intentional or not, results in reduced road safety and efficiency.