Biden administration investigates national security risks of Chinese-made ‘smart cars’

The probe could lead to new regulations aimed at preventing China from using sophisticated technology in electric cars and other so-called connected vehicles to track drivers and their personal information. Officials are concerned that features such as driver assistance technology could be used to effectively spy on Americans.

Automakers wary of other states adopting California’s 2035 EV mandate

Major automakers said on Wednesday that a California plan to end the sale of gasoline-only vehicles by 2035 might be unworkable in 11 other states that adopted it, citing insufficient consumer demand.

NYC congestion pricing ripped as ‘$15 ransom’ during first MTA hearing on contentious tolling plan: ‘Substantial burden’

New Yorkers against the planned $15 congestion fee to enter the busiest parts of Manhattan came out swinging in the MTA’s first-of-its-kind public hearing on the contentious issue Thursday night. Nearly 100 speakers fiercely debated the topic during the hours-long hearing, including one driver who lives in the congestion zone and called the fee a “$15 ransom.”

Iowa Senate tries another tack on traffic cameras

A bill to regulate the use of traffic cameras in Iowa is again making its way through the statehouse, as lawmakers struggle to agree on how much to regulate the systems in use in some Iowa cities.

Camera traffic enforcement bill debated in St. Louis

An aldermen committee hearing on Wednesday included comments from supporters and opponents of using automated cameras as a tool for traffic enforcement in the City of St. Louis. There were concerns raised over privacy, more specifically who would have access to the images captured by the cameras.