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BlueDriver vs. OBDLink: Which is the Best Scanner for your Car?

By guest writer Tim Miller There are many OBDII car scan tools in the market, so you may find it challenging to make a choice. However, what if you narrowed down your options to just two brands—BlueDriver and OBDLink? Not to worry, those two brands have been adequately compared in this guide. You’ll be able […]

Drivers to be given Real-Time “Risk Scores” using Embedded Telematic Surveillance Sensors

By Joe Cadillic, co-writer of the NMA Street Surveillance Blog and founder of the MassPrivatel Blog Gone are the days when insurance companies used race, sex, and a person’s age to determine their auto insurance premiums. A new whitepaper by Cognizant, titled The New Auto Insurance Ecosystem: Telematics, Mobility and the Connected Car, reveals the real reasons […]

If You Bought It, Do You Own It—Right to Repair

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the NMA magazine Driving Freedoms Winter 2021 edition. If you would like to receive the NMA quarterly magazine, join the NMA today! Massachusetts’ voters, by nearly 75 percent, demanded their right-to-repair on November 3, 2020. Voters were under the impression that casting their ballots for Question 1, would […]

Top Security Risks That Threaten Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

With the advent of technology, the number of inventions in the autonomous and connected vehicle industry will increase exponentially to such an extent that manual vehicles might fade out completely. Undoubtedly, connected vehicles have some advantages such as Wi-Fi connection, live music streaming, remotely controlled car operations, and much more. With so many advantages for […]

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