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“The “Pay Per Mile” Scandal: States are Making You Pay BIG TIME!”

By Lauren Fix More toll roads are coming to your state, be prepared as states begin to convert highway, roads and street into toll lanes.  You will have to pay for every mile driven. Governments are trying to tax us in to submission to take mass transit. Who does this really hurt, service workers, landscapers, plumbers […]

Overland Park, KS: Future of US Highway 69 and the Proposed Express Toll Lanes: NMA E-Newsletter #647

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director On a recent Saturday evening, I spoke at a concerned-citizen Zoom meeting on the planned express toll lanes for US Highway 69 in Overland Park, Kansas. In researching the topic and listening to local residents and commuters, I thought it would be appropriate to write about the difficulty in […]

American for Toll-Free Interstate Letter to Congressional Leadership Opposing Tolls on Existing Interstates

Editor’s Note: This letter was sent last week to Congress, and the National Motorists Association is one of over 80 signatories.  The Honorable Mitch McConnell                      The Honorable John Thune Majority Leader                              […]

Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates Spring 2021 Update

At the one-year anniversary of COVID-19’s official arrival in the United States, state governments face unprecedented budget shortfalls as they search for ways to raise revenues for transportation projects in the absence of the proper funds. The pandemic has kept people off of roads across the country, and transportation departments from Pennsylvania to Wyoming are […]

Pennsylvania Goes Tollistic

Editor’s Note: After we posted this Tolling in America Blog, Car and Driver posted an article with a headline question: Can You Name the World’s Most Expensive Toll Road? and guess what? It is the great state of Pennsylvania!    Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation decided this month to place tolls on nine bridges located on […]

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