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Mileage Tax Is Coming? Pay-Per-Mile AND Gas Tax

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach The government loves to spend your money. This is accomplished by more taxation and other user fees. The newest 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill includes a “By The Mile Tax.” Those driving electric cars, which the government is pushing, will no longer be skirting road taxes, and they will […]

Should We Lean into a Federal Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax?

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared in May as NMA E-Newsletter #643. Since we first posted this information, the Senate has passed an infrastructure bill that includes a federal program to gauge whether or not a federal vehicle miles traveled tax could work. In the interim, there has been little discussion about adjusting the gas […]

Should We Lean into a Federal Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax?: NMA E-Newsletter #643

Most experts agree that the way America funds infrastructure is broken. Many of our roads are in terrible shape. The Highway Trust Fund is nearly empty. Many local governments have difficulty paying for year-round road maintenance. The reasons vary. The federal and state gas taxes have never been adjusted for inflation. Many states divert funds […]

Virginia Tax Relief—Right!

Car dealers are amateurs when it comes to the bait-and-switch. The true masters of this art are politicians such as Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. He tantalizes empty-pocketed taxpayers whose pockets are empty, with lower taxes in exchange for higher ones. Of course, he doesn’t quite put it that way, much less explain what he’s up to, […]

Driving in America turns a Corner

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director I have been writing and curating this blog for the past two years and believe the content that we bring forth from our archives, guest posts, and new information is relevant to what is happening with motorists’ rights today. Every now and then, I will be writing a different […]

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