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What’s Up with Philly?

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director Editor’s Note: This piece originally appeared as the cover story in the Winter 2022 Edition of the National Motorists Association’s quarterly magazine Driving Freedoms. If you would like to receive our magazine, please become a member of the NMA today! The City of Brotherly Love seems anything but when […]

Driving Four-Wheelers on Alaskan Streets is now Legal with a Catch: NMA E-Newsletter #679

At the start of the new year, the state of Alaska inaugurated new regulations that allow four-wheelers on roads with a speed limit of 45 mph or less. In the past, rules allowed these motorized vehicles to cross state roads only. Alaska defines all-purpose vehicles as any self-propelled device on wheels or tracks that make […]

License Plate Readers use Footage from Ring, Smartphones, and ATMs to ID Vehicles

By guest writer Joe Cadillic of the MassPrivatel Blog Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the MassPrivatel Blog in September 2021. The NMA has permission to repost on the Driving in America Blog. Flock Safety’s license plate readers can now ID vehicles from any camera source. Basically, Flock Safety has turned every camera in […]

A Closer Look at Vanity Plate Laws in the US and Canada

You can add a touch of personality to your daily drive in a number of different ways. Attach a steering wheel cover, opt for custom lighting or add a unique vinyl wrap to the exterior. You can even get a bumper sticker if that’s your preference. But what about your license plate? Every car has […]

A License Plate to Remember

Editor’s Note: This originally was posted in June 2018 as NMA Weekly E-Newsletter #490. The information presented is still pertinent in 2021. If you would like to receive the NMA weekly one-topic newsletter every Sunday in your inbox, subscribe today! A requirement of owning a vehicle, the lowly license plate has its place among the […]

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