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Pothole season is here! Damage to YOUR Car Costs More than You Think

By Lauren Fix In many parts of the country, the weather is warming up and people are seeing the damage from the winter that has destroyed the roads. It seems like pothole-laden obstacle courses are everywhere!. The damage can be very expensive, and that bill is on you! Some of the potholes on the road […]

Busting 7 Myths about Cars You Should Not Believe

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach There are so many automotive myths or common beliefs or something your buddy told you as a fact about your car. Much of it is total rubbish, but what is really the truth? I’m sure a few come to your mind right away. Let’s correct the record and then […]

Activists Are Deflating SUV Tires in US Cities

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach Having a flat tire is frustrating as it is, but finding out that someone flattened your tire to prove a political point will infuriate you. A UK-based activist group called “The Tyre Extinguishers” is known for deflating tires and has spread its activities to the US. They claim they’ve deflated […]

Tips to Ensure a Safe and Secure Towing Trip

Taking a trailer on the road—whether across the country or just the neighborhood—requires that you practice several safety measures to protect your trailer, cargo, vehicle, and yourself. For many drivers, ensuring a secure and safe towing trip can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you are new to trailering. However, even if you have […]

Best Gas Apps to Save and Earn Cash Back and Beat High Gas Prices

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach Whether you’re traveling across town, or across the country, I’m here to share some great tips and hacks to make sure you can drive to your summer destination safely, while maximizing your savings. You can save money by bundling your loyalty programs to maximize your savings at the pump. […]

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