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Not so Fast and very Furious–More Government Controls on your Vehicle

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach You may not be aware of this, but the infrastructure bill that passed in 2021 includes speed regulations on all vehicles. Yes, that bill that no one reads! We did talk about breathalyzers and how those are being installed by 2026. That will change the way you drive your […]

Speed Limiters Coming to a Highway Near You!: NMA E-Newsletter #718

During driver’s ed class, many of us drove lesson cars with speed governors. Newbies needed them so they wouldn’t endanger themselves or their trainer by accidentally hitting the gas instead of the brakes. But no one ever imagined speed governors (now called limiters) would become standard equipment on a car, especially when driving requires situational […]

Ready or Not–Electric Vehicles (EVs) are Coming. Here are some Things to Know for Car Detailers, and other Service Providers

It’s pretty obvious the electric vehicles or EVs are charging into the market place. A lot of media space is dedicated to EV’s and their impact on today’s automobile market. A lot of misinformation surrounds EV’s, which adds to the concerns and apprehensions. Some of the misinformation is based on real issues and problems, it’s […]

A Legal First: Charged with Sleeping while Driving Driverless: NMA E-Newsletter #632

In July 2020, a Canadian man was charged with dangerous driving and speeding in Alberta for allegedly sleeping in a self-piloted Tesla between Edmonton and Calgary. In the December 11th court trial, witnesses claimed that the driver Leran Cai and his passenger were asleep with their seats fully reclined, traveling 150 km/h (93 mph). His next […]

So, Who IS Responsible in a Driverless Car Accident?

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared as NMA Weekly E-Newsletter #617 from November 2020.  If you would like to receive the weekly NMA E-Newsletter, subscribe today. For years, an ongoing debate has been raging in the media about who would be responsible when a driverless vehicle injured or killed another road user. Perhaps, we will […]

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