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Get Ready! USA And Germany to Implement Indefinite Weekend Driving Ban

By Lauren Fix Did you hear that a German minister threatened to have an ‘indefinite driving ban’ on weekends? This is no joke. I wish it was. The ruling coalition in Germany has been fighting over legislation that sets out binding climate targets. Could this happen in the US or other countries? It sure can, […]

New Bill Mandates All New Cars Have ‘Automatic Speed Limit’ Devices

By Lauren Fix The National Transportation Safety Bureau (NTSB) urged seventeen automakers to install intelligent speed-assistance technology in all new vehicles that, at a minimum, warns a driver when the vehicle is speeding. The NTSB stated that the bureau needs intelligent speed assistance technology and countermeasures including interlock program for repeat speeding offenders. What is […]

A Casualty of Revenue Collection

By Eric Peters, NMA Member and Syndicated Columnist They say “speed kills.” Here is a case-in-point. A cop driving at very high speed struck and killed a motorcycle rider who had the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time — that place and time being in the path of the […]

The Economic Impact of Transportation Policies on Local Communities

By Jack Shaw, Syndicated Columnist Transportation is crucial for commuting to work, purchasing essential goods and interacting with others in the community. Changing transit policies have affected urban and rural areas by revitalizing their economies.  For decades, Americans have increasingly depended on cars to get around. Statista says the United States has about 282 million […]

NMA E-Newsletter #736: Your Freedom to Travel is Under Attack

By Jay Beeber, Director of Policy & Research, National Motorists Association If there was any doubt before, now we have a clear indication that the WAR ON CARS is real –and it’s being waged at the highest levels of society by authoritarian culture warriors. These tyrannical elitists seek to eliminate our freedom to travel where […]

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