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No Cars for You – World Economic Forum Calls for the End to Private Car Ownership

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach The World Economic Forum (WEF) wants you to give up your car, truck or SUV. They want car ownership to be outlawed because The Great Reset is about control and tightening the grip on your freedom. They ask if your car is really necessary. The World Economic Forum doesn’t think […]

A Response to “The Automobile Won”: NMA E-Newsletter #706

by Sherman Johnson, NMA Maryland Member Editor’s Note: NMA e-newsletters and blog posts that stir debate serve the valuable purpose of creating conversation that often leads to a better understanding of the issues at hand. Sherman Johnson’s response to The Automobile Won (Part 1, NMA E-Newsletter #702, and Part 2, #703) follows. The NMA’s stance […]

Citywide Speed Limit Reductions: Creating Violators in the Name of Safety

By John Carr, NMA Massachusetts Activist Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared in April 2022 as NMA Weekly E-Newsletter #691.  If you would like to subscribe to the one-topic newsletter delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning, Click Here. An email claimed that a speed limit reduction in Portland, Oregon “resulted in lower observed vehicle […]

A Former Truck Driver’s Perspective on Whether 18-year-olds Should Drive Big Rigs

By NMA Arkansas Member Thomas Beckett Editor’s Note: Last Friday, featured Should 18-year-olds Drive Big Rigs, and in response to this newsletter that originally appeared in March 2022, here is a counterpoint from the perspective of a long-time commercial driver that first appeared on the NMA Blog in April 2022. I come to this discussion […]

Countering the Safe Streets/Vision Zero Mindset: NMA E-Newsletter #699

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued its estimate of 2021 U.S. traffic fatalities. A Reuters headline blared, “U.S. traffic fatalities surge 10.5% in 2021 to highest count since 2005,” followed by the lede, “Traffic deaths surged after coronavirus lockdowns ended in 2020 as more drivers engaged in unsafe behavior like speeding and […]

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