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2021: The Year Flock Safety License Plate Readers Exploded Across the Country

By guest writer Joe Cadillic, founder of the MassPrivatel Blog 2021 will also go down as the year police/Flock Safety license plate readers exploded across the country. One major development that went overlooked by the mass media is Flock Safety’s role in the ever-expanding network of police license plate readers. From January 2021-December 2021, law […]

Top 5 Tips for Safer Holiday Travel

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach The holidays are a popular time for travelers, and this year 76 percent of Americans are planning to travel by car. However, the wintery weather and extensive travel time can present specific safety hazards that you should be aware of before taking your trip. Here are five tips for safe holiday travels to consider while planning your trip. A recent 3M […]

San Diego Wants to Use Military-Grade Drones to Catch Speeders

By guest writer Joe Cadillic, of the Mass Privatel Blog Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Joe’s Mass Privatel Blog on December 3, 2020. Joe is one of the co-writers for the NMA’s Street Surveillance Blog. The Voice of San Diego recently revealed how the city of San Diego secretly considered using military-grade drones to spy on motorists. According […]

Is Amazon the World’s Largest Private Surveillance Company?

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director and Joe Cadillic, MassPrivatel Blog In late September, many news articles came out about Amazon’s new surveillance direction. Joe even wrote a post on the MassPrivatel blog entitled: Amazon Drone Deliveries: The Greatest Threat to Privacy Americans Have Ever Seen. Credit: William Warby Shelia: Joe, can you explain what […]

A Bait and Switch on the Use of Smart Streetlights in San Diego

Street furniture, such as the lowly streetlight, has recently seen an upgrade to a higher status. No longer just an illumination device, streetlights have now been drafted to gather street data and even police surveillance. Since 2018, San Diego police have used streetlight footage nearly 400 times to help in criminal investigations such as sexual […]

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