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The Use of CBD Products Might not be a Good Mix While Driving: NMA E-Newsletter #725

By NMA Texas Member Ted Levitt CBD Products (Cannabidiol) have now become popular for many people, but their use could cause some problems if you drive.  According to the Mayo Clinic, CBD can cause side effects, including drowsiness and fatigue, which could affect your driving. These products might also interact with other medications, such as blood […]

What’s Up with Philly?

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director Editor’s Note: This piece originally appeared as the cover story in the Winter 2022 Edition of the National Motorists Association’s quarterly magazine Driving Freedoms. If you would like to receive our magazine, please become a member of the NMA today! The City of Brotherly Love seems anything but when […]

US Cops to Become Brain Scanning Marijuana Detectors

By Joe Cadillic, publisher of the MassPrivatel Blog Editor’s Note: The day after Joe published this piece on his blog, Wired.com came out with a story about another company trying to do the same thing. The piece was entitled: Driving While Baked? Inside the High-Tech Quest to Find Out. Joe has given the NMA permission […]

A Driver’s License as a Convenience for Whom?: NMA E-Newsletter #677

If you drive, you likely have a physical license indicating you passed a test and can legally drive on the nation’s roadways. After the September 11th attack 20 years ago, driver’s licenses became a primary form of identification if you wanted to fly domestically. Now, a driver’s license is once again being asked to do […]

What is Driver Courtesy?

Welcome to Driver Courtesy Month! This blog is part two of our month-long series on Driver Courtesy. Check out Part 1 Here! Don’t forget to take the online quiz Are You a Courteous Driver? This week I will take a deep drive into Driver Courtesy. Hopefully you will know most of this but it’s always […]

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