When and How Best to Change Tires?

By guest writer Timothy Miller

As an automobile owner, you understand the need to have functional tires.

Even if your tires seem to be in good shape, it’s always a good idea to get them checked by a professional if they have been on your car for an extended period.  The outward appearance of tires can be deceiving because they don’t represent their true condition.

Worn out tire treads prevent your vehicle from screeching to a sudden stop when you step on the brake. Such tires can easily cause head-on-collisions because the lack of traction means your vehicle will continue moving even after you stop. Additionally, you’ll have a hard time driving in the rain or on snowy roads due to lack of tire tread.

Replacing old tires saves you from avoidable road accidents. Even if the treads on your tires still provide sufficient grip, chances are, the rubber has worn out, which could lead to a blowout. Since the last thing you want to deal with on the road is a flat tire, the best preventative measure is to replace your tires on time.

When Should You Replace Your Tires?

This question often arises when you switch to a new brand because different tire qualities wear out and age differently.

Regardless of the brand, you’re using, there are two main factors that determine when you should replace your tires:

  • Tire wear

Obviously, it’s not recommended that you continue using your tires once they wear out. And your tires are bound to wear out regardless of how good of a driver you are. The abrasion with the road’s surface slowly eats away the tire to a point where it’s no longer safe to drive on them. Pay attention to how much your tires have worn out to determine if it’s time to get new ones.

  • Tire Age

Another factor to consider is the age of your tires. Borrowing from the first point, you cannot drive on the same tires forever because they age over time. Old tires could be so worn out that they can cause the tube to blow out at any time. Aside from abrasion, exposure to the elements also accelerates the aging of tires because they change the general makeup of the tire rubber.  So even if you bought premium car tires, be sure to change them once they are old because all tires outlive their usefulness at some point.

Is Changing to Winter Tires Necessary?

Aren’t all-season tires supposed to serve you all-year-round?

While all-season tires are ideal purchases, they’re not exactly designed to withstand winter’s extremely cold temperatures. You might need tires specifically designed to brave ice, snow and slippery roads in the winter months.

Even if you purchase all-season tires from a well-reputed brand, they’ll likely succumb to the cold if you continue driving on them in winter. The rubber hardens, and in the process, loses a significant amount of grip that’s required to keep you safe on the road. As a result, you might not be in a position to guarantee other drivers’ safety on the road, so you not only put your life at risk but other drivers as well.

If you live in a region with regular freezing temperatures, you should make a habit of switching to winter tires when winter is around the corner. This way, your all-season tires remain undamaged and ready to be used once the cold season has passed. Investing in quality winter tires ensures that you don’t experience preventable fender benders when driving on snowy roads.

Manufacturers of winter tires use resilient rubber compounds that remain flexible even under extremely cold temperatures. Winter tires also have deep treads that can channel snow when driving to prevent you from getting stuck. The overall design of these tires ensures that you have an enjoyable driving experience despite the condition of the roads.

Final Thoughts

As an automobile owner, ensure that you don’t wait too long before replacing car tires or changing out your all-seasons for your winter tires. Using functional tires at all times saves you from preventable road accidents.

Timothy Miller is a writer who has been working with domyhomework123.com for the past six years. He’s a sought after writer because of his exceptional research skills and ability to be creative with articles.

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