45 Alerts From the infrastructure Tag

2021: The Year Transit Failed to Recover Part 2: NMA E-Newsletter #688

By Randal O’Toole, writer of The Antiplanner Editor’s Note: Check out Part 1 here that explores what happened with transit before and during the pandemic. The NMA is reprinting with permission this post that first appeared on The Antiplanner website.  Transit by Urban Area As of December, transit carried 58 percent of pre-pandemic riders in […]

And So It Begins—Vision Zero from the Top Down: NMA E-Newsletter #682

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently announced that his department wants to drastically reduce deadly traffic accidents through vehicle and street design changes. The USDOT also plans to use $14 billion in funding from the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill to encourage the states to make extensive use of speed cameras to enforce lowered […]

The Best Satire Mirrors Reality: NMA E-Newsletter #680

Omeleto released a video in March 2021 that describes a utopian society where citizens are programmed to spy on each other. It is brilliant and disturbing. One vignette depicts a man blowing desperately into a breathalyzer device telescoping from the steering wheel of his vehicle to start it. The developers were prescient. Later that same […]

The Relationship between Population Growth and Congestion: NMA E-Newsletter #676

By NMA Board Member Christopher DiPrima In previous newsletters (A Primer on Induced Demand Part 1 and Part 2), I outlined the complicated relationship between new highway lane capacity and induced demand – a much-misunderstood concept, which is often summarized incorrectly as, “you can’t build your way out of congestion.” In those newsletters, I described […]

Should Bikelash be Over?: NMA E-Newsletter #675

Even before the pandemic, bike lanes were springing up all over the country in cities large and small. Most motorists weren’t happy, mainly because fewer travel lanes typically translated into longer trips through congested traffic. During the pandemic, the rate of cities building bike lanes and banning cars on streets rose dramatically. The anti-car crowd […]

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