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NMA E-Newsletter #736: Your Freedom to Travel is Under Attack

By Jay Beeber, Director of Policy & Research, National Motorists Association If there was any doubt before, now we have a clear indication that the WAR ON CARS is real –and it’s being waged at the highest levels of society by authoritarian culture warriors. These tyrannical elitists seek to eliminate our freedom to travel where […]

Taking the Politics Out of Speed Limit Setting—a Member Responds: NMA Newsletter #729

By Don Bain, NMA Oregon Member  Editor’s Note: Don submitted these comments to the NMA National Office in response to Newsletter #724 Taking the Politics Out of Speed Limit Setting. While sound from an engineering perspective, there’s an inherent challenge with speed surveys and the 85% percentile speed point: establishing and documenting what “free-flowing conditions” are, […]

Community Speed Watch: Is it Snitching or Driver Education Part 2—Readers Respond: NMA E-Newsletter #715

We had varied responses to the September 11th NMA E-Newsletter #713 on the new community speed watch program (Read Here), in Green Bay, WI. We appreciate any comments that are sent to the NMA and please feel free to email us anytime at nma@motorists.org. ___________ Community snitching is a slippery slope to something that starts […]

Recent Chicago Parking Audit Spells Bad News for Motorists (and Every Other Resident): NMA E-Newsletter #708

As of 2022, 61 years are left on the 75-year parking meter lease now held by the Chicago Parking Meters LLC. A recent city audit stated that the private company had already recouped its entire $1.16 billion investment plus $502.5 million more. According to a recent Chicago Sun-Times article, Chicago parking meter revenue is back […]

Is it Time to “Sound Off” about the Use of Lights and Sirens?: NMA E-Newsletter #707

By Stewart Price, NMA Programs Officer All of us are gradually going deaf. The world is getting louder save for the isolationists that have gone off the grid. Could that prompt Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and law enforcement to make sirens louder? Should flashing lights burn brighter and more intensely to capture our attention? For […]

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