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Your money and your life?

KXAN investigative reporters suggest an 85 mph speed limit is dangerous. The evidence: the speed limit on the Texas SH 130 toll road was posted 85, there were accidents, and accidents increased as more drivers used the highway. Pure fearmongering. There’s not enough information in the report to judge how safe SH 130 is and whether the speed […]

Another officer gets away with it

In recent legal news we have another serial criminal police officer, Texas State Trooper Jared Snelgrooes, and another team of prosecutors fighting against your civil rights. The aforementioned officer has a habit of pulling over cars because they are clean. (Thanks to thenewspaper.com for recent coverage and leagle.com for an older case.) He knows he’s […]

The Strictly Enforced State

When I hit the state line the speed limit changed from 65 to 75. The road was the same, but the DOT director was different. Oklahoma DOT ignores the law requiring speed limits to be justified by engineering studies. Texas DOT exercised its discretionary authority to raise most of West Texas from 70 to 75. […]

A little knowledge…

A Texas TV station attempting to educate the public has instead misled the public (warning: autoplay video). People in Vidor, Texas thought there were more crashes on I-10 since the speed limit went up. A KBMT investigator checked accident records. There were 130 crashes in 2010 and 180 in 2016, so the crash rate went […]

We can’t stop here, this is fly country

They’re called face flies. They look like house flies, to which they are closely related. True to their name, they kept landing on my face as I drove out of Texas. Does NHTSA count that as distracted driving? I don’t think there’s a box on reporting forms for flies. The evidence tends to disappear as […]

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