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The Truth About Chinese Automakers and EV Tax Credits

By Lauren Fix No Chinese automakers are taking advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act’s tax credit for new electric vehicle purchases, according to Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo who spoke at a Senate panel. “What we see to date is that the companies that are taking advantage of it are American companies who are using it […]

Feds Throw the Electric Vehicle MANDATE into REVERSE Due to Election

By Lauren Fix The Biden administration is expected to loosen its rules for the country’s switch to electric vehicles (EVs), the New York Times first reported Saturday, citing three people familiar with the plan. Is this because consumers are not buying electric cars at the rate the government had hoped or is it because of the election? […]

How a Trump vs Biden Win Could Impact the Cost of New Cars in 2024

By Lauren Fix The 2024 United States Presidential Election is still months away, but the current front runners are former President Donald Trump for the Republican party nomination and President Joe Biden for the Democratic party nomination. If Election Day turns out to be a Biden-Trump race, and if Trump secures a win, many Americans […]

AM Radio Bill Vote Blocked – We Want to Keep AM Radio In Our Cars

By Lauren Fix Now is the time to contact your elected representative and tell them to pass the Save AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act. This is an update to the Save AM Radio act and AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act. I’m shocked that lawmakers from all sides have not passed this obvious bill […]

When Can Drivers Expect Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars on the Road?

By Martin Banks Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are two front runners for carbon-free motoring. BEVs are currently in the lead by a mile — though some in the industry consider hydrogen the superior option.  With that in mind, when can drivers expect hydrogen fuel cell cars on the road? […]

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