Protect Your Car–This Will Make Your Car Paint Last 2X Longer

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

Paint protection has become more popular on new and old cars. From daily drivers to enthusiast vehicles and exotics, these automotive products are designed to protect your paint, hold the value of your vehicle, and avoid nature’s deposits — from acid rain, birds, insects, and more. Protect your car inside and out for years to come with impact-resistant paint protection film, hydrophobic ceramic coating, and UV-rejecting window film.

Your car is important to you on so many levels! It’s more than just a ride or a way of getting from Point A to Point B. It’s one of the most significant investments you’ll make with your hard-earned money. You want to retain its value, so it deserves the extra security of paint protection.

Let’s face it: Your car is also a big part of your self-image, whether that image is a cool parent who’s also thinking about their family and budget or a true car enthusiast in their shiny new muscle car. Keeping a glossy shine on the new paint job goes a long way toward preserving your image, not feeling guilty for driving your car, and potentially getting an excellent resale value.

There are a lot of benefits of automotive paint protection

We spoke with Ryan Riegel, President of Buffalo Car Care. He is an expert on this subject.

The environment is out to get your paint job. Your car’s paint job does more than keep it looking new and shiny. It also serves as a skin that protects the metal and other surfaces from destructive wear and tear. Without the added layer of top-quality new car paint protection, the paint is exposed to possible damage from:

  • Bird droppings, full of acid that will burn through the paint.
  • Tree sap, especially difficult to remove and full of acid.
  • Tree fruits, like cherries, will burn through and permanently damage the paint.
  • Road salt, which causes serious corrosion to paint and metals—a big factor wherever the winter climate brings snows.
  • Road oil and tar, likely to splash up during warm months when roads are being repaved, and the heat loosens materials that stick to paint.
  • UV rays from the sun can burn through paint.

Repel environmental damage with automotive paint protection.

  • Seals the paint to keep scratches or bubbles from allowing moisture in, which leads to the spread of corrosion and, eventually, rust.
  • Reflects backlight and UV rays to reduce sun damage.
  • Reduces exposure to all the elements and the nicks, scratches, burns, and corrosion they can inflict.

Make car care easier with protective films for cars.

  • Car paint protection film repels dust build-up, so windy days and the neighbor’s leaf-blower can’t cause unsightly build-up. Then, when it’s time to wash your car, it’s a much faster job.
  • In between washes, just run a soft dust cloth over the surface for a really clean car without the need for elbow grease. You’ll feel good about conserving that extra water, especially in regions suffering from drought.

Retain your car’s value longer with car scratch protection film.

  • Maintaining that new-car gleam is difficult after years of use, even with regular washing and waxing. Applying paint protection film for cars when the vehicle—and the paint job—are new and shiny keeps it looking like new when it comes to sell or trade it in. You’ll appreciate the higher dollar value on your car with a like-new exterior.

How to Choose the Right Car Protection Film

Ask your dealer about options for adding vehicle paint protection film when you purchase a new car. If you already own a vehicle and are looking to add protection, your car dealer should be able to handle a professional installation. If not, look for an authorized local supplier/dealer of a good quality product that offers installation by well-trained technicians, with all the product guarantees.

Spray-on vs. film—what’s best?

When deciding, choose a car paint shield product that will not yellow over time, which is warrantied to last seven years, like Scorpion Window Film’s Paint Protection Kits. They are pre-cut to fit different sections of your car—for example, the A-Pillar kits for covering the front pillars—or HFM kits for hood, fender, and mirror. Professional installers may use various kits, or they may prefer the rolls, available in multiple widths.

Once installed, the PPF film is virtually invisible, thanks to its high-gloss, ultra-clear properties. This paint protection for cars is designed for easy installation and won’t scratch the paint surface in the process because that would defeat the purpose. It can be removed if you choose, and it comes with a 7-year warranty.

If you are considering using a spray-on film protector, be aware that there are significant differences between this method and the film method.

The Bottom Line

Maybe you’ve never considered the many benefits of car paint protection film. Learn more about this practical addition to your car care, and discover how it can save you money and extend the life and value of your car.

If you have additional questions, put them in the comments below, and I’ll be happy to answer.

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®, is a nationally recognized automotive expert, analyst, author, and television host.  A trusted car expert, Lauren provides an insider’s perspective on a wide range of automotive topics and aspects, energy, industry, consumer news, and safety issues.   

Lauren is the CEO of Automotive Aspects and the Editor-in-Chief of Car Coach Reports, a global automotive news outlet. She is an automotive contributor to national and local television news shows, including Fox News, Fox Business, CNN International, The Weather Channel, Inside Edition, Local Now News, Community Digital News, and more. Lauren also co-hosts a regular show on with Paul Brian called “His Turn – Her Turn” and hosts regular radio segments on USA Radio – DayBreak. 

Lauren is honored to be inducted into the Women’s Transportation Hall of Fame and a Board Member of the Buffalo Motorcar Museum and Juror / President for the North American Car, Utility & Truck of the Year Awards.  

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