How to Ensure Your Car Is Theft-Proof without Overspending

You want to ensure riding your car is a comfortable experience, but you also wish to its security. With car thieves resorting to newer and unconventional methods to steal vehicles, you need to bolster the security of your vehicle. There are several things you can do to make stealing your car harder for the malicious lot, and it is not necessary to spend overtly for that.

Listed below are a handful of measures you can take to make your vehicle theft-proof:

Vehicle Alarm
This is possibly the most basic yet effective car safety device you can have installed in your vehicle. These alarms are remotely activated and can go off the moment anyone tries breaking the car window or opening the door. Car thieves do not want to draw the attention of others.

Kill Switch
A kill switch makes it hard for any thief to steal your vehicle. The kill switch may come with an integrated alarm or function on its own. If the thief attempts to start the car without a valid key, the kill switch will trigger and deactivates the engine. It can be operated with a plastic key, but some models require an entry code too. It is not costly, either. However, there is one drawback to this device. If it malfunctions, you cannot take the car anywhere until it’s repaired.

Steering Wheel Lock Bar
This is another inexpensive device to make your car theft-proof. When the lock bar is set up, any thief finds it hard to turn the wheel and it is made with rugged metal which is not easy to cut either. It is easy to set up.

Brake Lock
This is an anti-theft device that is quite effective. It is attached to the car’s brake pedal. Until it gets removed, the brake cannot be used. Cutting it off is not as simple as it is made with thick metal. It is not a prudent option for a thief to cut off the brake pedal as well.

Car Tracker
There is no need to panic even if a thief mages to steal your car and attempts to move further if the vehicle has a tracking device installed! These devices rely on GPS technology to locate the car. Apart from retrieving the stolen car, these devices also come in handy when you meet a road accident at a remote location and need emergency help. You can find cars that are sold with GPS tracker and there are third party agencies that can set it up. The cost of these devices is on the decline.

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