China’s Car Industry Goes High Tech at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

The 2022 Shanghai Motor Show is the world’s largest automotive show. It may be the only auto show for this year.

China has mandated that 25 percent of all auto vehicles are to be electric vehicles by 2025. Manufacturers are on board and are launching many new vehicles for China and the world.

One glitch in the plan is a global shortage of semiconductors, chips, and rubber globally. This will have a serious impact on automakers. The industry should recover by the fall, but this may be too late for current production cars, which means that incentives and discounts will be far and few between.

China is the world’s biggest car market. China offers different vehicles to meet their culture and consumer needs. The Shanghai Motor Show has a heavy emphasis on electrified vehicles and offers plenty of conventionally powered models. China currently offers multiple power trains, and they are looking at alternate propulsions ahead of other countries.

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