NMA Lane Courtesy Fact Sheet ( PDF )
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Take Action

Lead by example
Practice lane courtesy whenever you drive. Tell your friends and family to do the same and explain to them why it’s important.

Write a “letter to the editor” to your local newspaper.
The whole point of Lane Courtesy Month is to raise public awareness about this issue, and your letter will help. Click here to view a sample letter.

Contact your state legislators and urge them to support stronger lane courtesy laws.
Click here to see if your state has a lane courtesy law.

If your state already has a lane courtesy law:
Write the commander of your state police or highway patrol and explain to him why enforcing this law is so important.

Sample Letter To The Editor
A sample letter to the editor regarding lane courtesy. You can use it as a starting point for your letter.

Lane Courtesy Signage Study
This is a study out of Michigan that tested to see if changing the wording on signs promoting lane courtesy had any impact. They changed “Slower Traffic Keep Right” signs to “Keep Right Pass Left — It’s The Law.” The study determined that the change had no real impact.

Lane Courtesy Signage Study 2
This study in North Carolina is similar to the study above and had similar results. In addition to changing the wording on the signs, they tested special lane markings. However, even with the markings, there was no measurable effect on lane courtesy.
Proponents of keeping right unless passing.
lA website that promotes lane courtesy.

Left Lane Drivers of America
Another website that helps promote lane courtesy.