NMA Lane Courtesy Fact Sheet ( PDF )
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Take Action

Lead by example
Practice lane courtesy whenever you drive. Tell your friends and family to do the same and explain to them why it’s important.

Write a “letter to the editor” to your local newspaper.
The whole point of Lane Courtesy Month is to raise public awareness about this issue, and your letter will help. Click here to view a sample letter.

Contact your state legislators and urge them to support stronger lane courtesy laws.
Click here to see if your state has a lane courtesy law.

If your state already has a lane courtesy law:
Write the commander of your state police or highway patrol and explain to him why enforcing this law is so important.

Please help us promote this important issue by sending a letter to the editor to your local newspaper. For your convenience, we have provided a sample letter that you can use or edit to suit your needs. Also, feel free to write a letter of your own. Thank you for your help.

Driving on the highway has become a pain. Drivers don’t yield the left lane to faster moving traffic, people tailgate, and the highways are congested. I think it’s time we got back to using Lane Courtesy on the roadways.

Lane Courtesy isn’t a radical idea and it’s easily implemented. Drivers should keep the left lane clear for faster moving traffic. After you pass a slower moving vehicle, move back into the right lane. This way there’s less tailgating, less congestion, and a more consistent traffic flow. It’s safer because you don’t have to continually speed up and slow down, which also helps to conserve gas.

I realize that a lot of drivers claim the left-hand lane as their own because they’re going the speed limit, but they’re just adding to the frustration on our roads by blocking the flow of traffic. They are creating the potential of an accident by being an obstacle on the road. Many accidents and frustration can be alleviated if more drivers would simply follow lane courtesy.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. The same thing frustrates most people. Vacations and other summer road trips are around the corner, so it’s more important than ever to take lane courtesy to heart.

The National Motorists Association even made this June “Lane Courtesy Month” and have more information about this issue on their web site, Take a few minutes to check it out. It’s a good way to learn more about how lane courtesy can benefit us all.

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