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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear Washington State NMA Members,

      The House Transportation Committee already held a hearing this week on HB1793 (its counterpart in the Senate is SB5789) which greatly expands the automated policing scope of red-light cameras. The number of ticketing actions that could be performed by red-light cameras if passed, include:

      • Railroad crossing violations
      • Stopping when Traffic Obstructed Violations
      • Stopping at Intersections (blocking the box) or blocking crosswalk violations
      • Transportation-only (Bus or Bike) lanes
      • Stopping/standing/parking violations at locations restricted for emergency response vehicle entry or exit, and boarding/disembarking of public transportation vehicle (including ferries).

      Check out the NMA Legislative Alert page for HB 1793 and SB 5789 for further details. For information about which representatives are on the House Transportation Committee and how to contact them, visit here. Similarly for the Senate Transportation Committee and SB 5789, go here for more information.

      In addition to the NMA objections to red-light cameras noted on the legislative alert page linked above, consider expressing concern about the mission creep of red-light cameras into all aspects of intersection (and surrounding area) activity. It may be debatable whether greater volumes of ticketing improve safety but it isn’t a question that issuing more violations makes the camera operation more profitable. Is that what enforcement has become, a profit center?”

      We recommend that you consider redrafting a statement in your own words for a more powerful message to send to your state representatives.

      Thank you for your support of motorists’ rights in Washington State!

Viewing 0 reply threads
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