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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear Pennsylvania NMA Members,

      The Pennsylvania House Transportation Committee will have a vote on SB 251 next week to allow municipal police to use radar and LIDAR.

      Please contact your own PA Representative and say to vote NO on SB 251. You can also contact the committee members at the above link. The two chairman of the committee can also be reached here and here.

      Speed Traps will abound if SB 251 passes because speed limits throughout the state are too low and radar has been shown to make many errors. One issue is the inability for radar devices to distinguish which car registered the reading, or even a combination of a few cars.

      With this bill, tickets can be given at +6 mph.

      You may also wish to contact House officers, as they have sway over what comes up for voting. The three main officers are herehere, and here.

      Please note that June is when the very bad bills may come up in earnest, as the budget battles look for areas of new revenue.

      Thank you for your support!

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