What To Do If You Lose Your Copy Of A Traffic Ticket

On occasion, traffic ticket recipients misplace or lose their copy of the ticket. Unfortunately, it’s very rare that the police will lose their copy of the same ticket.

In other words, ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

The only future notice you are likely to get regarding the lost ticket is that you have been found guilty, you have not appeared or paid your fine, and therefore a warrant has been issued for your arrest and/or your drivers license has been suspended.

Therefore, it is prudent to be pro-active and obtain another copy of the lost ticket and follow the instructions printed on the ticket.

The best place to start your search is with the police department that issued the ticket. That department should be able to give you a copy of the ticket as well as tell you what the ticket has on it in terms of instructions and the specifics of your violation.

If you don’t know what police agency issued the ticket you can try the courthouse in the county or city in which you received the ticket. Here you will deal with a clerk of court. The ticket may be filed at the courthouse, or they can direct you to the various police departments in that area that may have issued the ticket.

You may also drop by the District Attorneys office and explain your dilemma and ask them to note your name and drivers license number and contact information if the ticket should appear there for prosecution. This can be done by phone as well. Sending a letter, even by registered mail, is not as effective as talking to someone directly in the DA’s office.

In the unlikely event you cannot retrieve a copy of the ticket or the information on it and you receive a letter announcing your guilt and arrest status, your documented effort to locate a copy of the ticket may persuade the court to re-open your case and provide a means of relief.

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