How to Keep Your Car Organized

Do you still remember how clean and pristine your car interiors looked when it was still brand new? Or have you just gotten a new vehicle, and you want to do everything you can to prevent it from turning into a hot mess like so many other cars you’ve ridden in the past? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different organizational hacks to keep your car tidy all the time. Let’s get started!

Organizing the Backseat

The first thing that you’d want to get on top of is the backseat. After all, it can be easy to accumulate clutter back there, especially if you use the car by yourself. Out of sight, out of mind, right? But what if someone wants to hitch a ride? Yikes. Don’t allow people to see the dark side of your car, where dreams go to die. Instead, incorporate the following hacks:

  • Car seat pockets. This has got to be the most convenient organizational item for your car. You can store anything in it, from books, essentials, random clutter, and more. Some pockets can function as a hidden trash bin as well, which we love. There’s nothing more unsightly than an exposed trash bin.
  • Shower caddies. We know, we’re still talking about cars. But are you aware of the caddies that can stick to tiles? Well, they can stick to your car windows too. This is especially helpful for parents with kids who love to bring art supplies, hair clips, and other small things along. Plus, you can just pop them off if you’re not bringing your kids with you.
  • Hooks. Keep your groceries off your car seat by installing hooks behind the driver’s seat. It will also create more seating space if you have passengers along.

Organizing the Trunk

Next, let’s move on to the trunk. Here are some hacks that you can apply to your own car:

  • Get a trunk organizer. This is an organizer that is specifically designed to go as wide as your car’s trunk. It’s got spacious pockets that will allow you to organize groceries, camping gear, and more.
  • Have a cooler ready. One of the biggest concerns we have is spills. If that’s also the case with you, then you can easily remedy that by getting a cooler for your trunk. Not only will it keep your drinks cool, especially during travel and camping trips, but it will also keep potential spillage inside.
  • Lay down tarps. Finally, don’t forget to lay down tarps. It will act as a liner and keep your trunk clean, but did you know that you can also DIY a hammock or a tent out of it if needed?

Using Organizational Gear

Aside from the organizational gear that we have already mentioned above, here are others that we think will greatly benefit you to keep your car in order:

  • Expandable folders. Keep important documents in order by storing them in expandable folders instead of just stuffing them inside your glove compartment. Speaking of which, get folders that will easily fit into your glove compartment so you can easily pull everything out when needed.
  • Install a shelf. We’re not joking. This is a hack that had saved our lives countless times! Get a metal rack that goes as wide as your car’s trunk and install it using fabric straps, and voila! You now have a shelf for extra storage.
  • Muffin cups. You can always use empty gum bottles to store loose change, but let’s face it, they can be easy to forget if you don’t see your change accumulating. Instead, install muffin cups to line cup holders to hold change and other bits and bobs.

Car Emergency Kit

Your car is probably well-organized already by this point, but we just want to throw this in here, since organizing car emergency kits is a lifesaver for us. Hence, we’ll be sharing with you the three emergency kits we always have prepared. Here they are:

  • Cleaning Kit. It must contain portable cleaning supplies, such as disinfecting wipes, sprays, and rags for cleaning “accidents” on-the-go.
  • First Aid Kit. Don’t forget to have supplies to treat basic wounds, a few of your prescription meds, feminine pads (for women or if you drive with one), bug ointment, and sunscreen.
  • Activity Kit. Finally, for those who drive with kids, don’t forget to throw together an activity kit with coloring materials, activity booklets, and some card games.

Each kit can be stored in Ziploc pouches or plastic bins. Don’t forget to replenish them every once in a while.

The bottom line is, there is a lot of organizational gear and DIY hacks that you can do to keep your car tidy at all times. Make good use of them according to your specific needs and preferences. Good luck and drive safe!

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Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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