Help Decide How NHTSA Spends Your Tax Dollars

By James Baxter, NMA President

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the federal government’s lead agency when it come to safety policies and regulations; including speed limits, DUI laws, cell phone and texting bans, federal subsidies for speed traps and roadblocks, and vehicle equipment requirements. This agency was the last entity standing in support of the 55 MPH Speed Limit.

NHTSA is in the process of developing a five year strategic plan and it is asking for public comment on suggestions. You can be assured that every insurance company in the country, MADD, IIHS, Advocates for Highway Safety (more insurance company money), AAA (ditto), police organizations, ticket camera companies, and various “we hate cars” activists will be letting NHTSA how YOUR money should be spent to YOUR disadvantage.

Here’s your chance to express your opinion on where this agency should be placing its priorities. For example, the official NMA response is going to include suggestions like this: Take the money being given to states to fund enforcement binges and instead give it to communities to synchronize their traffic lights. Instead of wasting money on speed enforcement, devote those funds to setting higher, more reasonable speed limits. And, rather than hand out money for ticket cameras use those same funds to systematically implement realistic yellow light intervals and correct other intersection engineering flaws.

These agencies always claim they are doing the public’s bidding. In NHTSA’s case that “public” is more often the corporations and organizations that want to exploit and/or control motorists. Here’s your chance to tell NHTSA where and how you want your tax dollars spent

To have your say, simply submit your comments on this page.

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