Nearly 80% Of Drivers Oppose 55 MPH National Speed Limit

According a recent US News & World Report poll, there is strong opposition to any law that would mandate a 55 MPH national speed limit.

Fuel savings is the main argument used by the supporters of a return to a national speed limit, but it’s an argument that clearly isn’t convincing very many people.

NMA President James Baxter had this to say on the topic:

If this country was serious about significantly reducing motor fuel consumption, it could start by redeploying the money being wasted on ticket-writing campaigns, laser guns, stealth cruisers, ticket cameras, and related wages and invest the savings in strategies to better move traffic in urban and suburban environments, where most fuel consumption actually occurs.

There are huge savings to be realized by simply synchronizing and coordinating traffic signal systems. Cities that have started this process are not only reaping benefits like reduced fuel use, they are also realizing improved air quality, significantly faster commute times, far less congestion, and less wear and tear on vehicles.

Removing obstacles to smooth traffic flow, including most stop signs and traffic “calming” devices, and scrapping other strategies intended to interrupt and disrupt traffic would dramatically improve fuel economy for the entire vehicle fleet.

You can read the rest of James Baxter’s article on why a 55 MPH national speed limit is unenforceable and counterproductive at the US News & World Report website.

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