NMA E-Newsletter #271: 2014 First Quarter Legislative Update

The NMA continues to advocate for motorists’ rights at the national, state and local level. Legislatures across the country took up a broad range of motorists’ issues in the first quarter of 2014. Here’s a brief summary of the driving-related issues we addressed. 


Opposed efforts by the Elk Grove City Council to renew its photo enforcement contract with camera vendor Redflex. An Elk Grove City Council staff report recommended renewing the contract, even though the report lacked many pertinent details needed to evaluate the true nature of the red-light camera program. 


Supported Senate Bill 144 which would repeal the use of red-light cameras throughout the state. The bill was to be heard in the Senate Transportation Committee but has been postponed. 

Supported Senate Bill 392 which would allow for highway speeds of up to 75 mph. The bill passed through the Senate Community Affairs Committee and is now under consideration in the Senate Appropriations Committee. The NMA has been working with the office of bill sponsor Senator Jeff Brandes to move the bill. An NMA-authored opinion piece appeared in the Orlando Sentinel in support of its passage. 


Opposed House Bill 4632 which would allow cities throughout the state to place speed cameras in designated “safety zones,” which include areas around schools and parks. The bill is currently under consideration in the House Transportation Committee. The NMA wrote an opinion piece for the Illinois Business Journal in opposition to the bill, which will be published in April. 


Opposed House Bill 1042 which would allow a school district “to enter into an enforcement agreement with a contractor for camera enforcement” of so-called stop-arm violations by vehicles passing stationary school buses. The bill passed the House Roads and Transportation Committee. Look here for more on the fraudulent nature of school bus cameras. 


Supported House Bill 58 which would raise the speed limit on four-lane divided highways (non-interstates or parkways) to 65 mph. The bill is currently under consideration in the House Transportation Committee. 


Opposed House Bill 5209 which would withhold a driver’s license from those juveniles who have been found truant. Specifically, HB 5209 would deny licensing or mandate a license suspension for a six-month period. The bill is currently under consideration in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. 


Opposed House Bill 1557 which would legitimize photo enforcement in Missouri. HB 1557 is a “Trojan horse” bill, described as putting restrictions on how red-light cameras operate, but in reality it will facilitate the spread of cameras throughout the state. The bill has passed the full House and now moves to the Senate. 


Supported House Bill 69 which would ban the use of ticket cameras throughout the state. The bill was passed by the full House last year but has been stalled in the Senate. The bill does have bipartisan support but is being intentionally held up by pro-camera forces. Listen to this radio interview with one of the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Dale Mallory, to learn more. 


Supported House Bill 973 which would have banned the use of red-light cameras throughout the commonwealth. The bill unanimously passed a transportation subcommittee thanks in part to expert testimony from NMA Life Member Joe Bahen but died in the full House Transportation Committee. 


Supported efforts by a Washington NMA member to push for legislative reform regarding requirements for the use of unmarked police vehicles. The use of these vehicles facilitates impersonators, as well as creating the danger that comes from misidentifying a real police officer. More details are available here. 

Thanks to the many NMA members who volunteered their time to send emails, write letters, make phone calls, and work with policymakers and media outlets on these important issues. If you’re not signed up to receive legislative alerts but would like to, use the “Choose Your NMA E-Subscriptions” link in the sidebar of this email. 

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