North Carolina SB 29 – Move Over Law/Increase Penalties

Bill No.:
SB 29
Bill Location:
North CarolinaSenate
Bill Title:

Move Over Law/Increase Penalties

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UPDATE July 22, 2019: Governor signed bill into law.

UPDATE July 12, 2019: Bill sent to governor.

UPDATE July 8, 2019: Passed House vote, 117 to 1, upon second reading.

UPDATE June 17, 2019: Re-referred to the Judiciary Committee; if favorable, bill will go to Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

UPDATE April 18, 2019: Bill was re-referred to House Committee on Rules, Calendar, and Operations.

SB 29 was introduced in the Senate on February 25, 2019. It passed a third reading in the Senate on February 25 and was sent to the House. It passed first reading in the House and was referred to the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Criminal Matters

The bill would amend the current “move over” law which required vehicles passing a stationary authorized emergency vehicle with flashing light to do so slowly or to move over a lane where possible. SB 29 would increase existing penalties for not moving over. Every driver, out of courtesy and concern for safety, should move over if possible to provide room for a vehicle parked on the side or shoulder of the road whether with flashing lights or not. But to make that a mandate with an attached penalty is an overreach that provides more opportunities to issue tickets.

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