Motorists Vote 2022: An Overview of US Motorist-Related Ballot Initiatives from the November 8th Vote: NMA E-Newsletter #723

Here is how Americans voted on ballot initiatives that the NMA outlined in Newsletter #719.

The following election results came from Ballotpedia unless listed otherwise. Here are some articles from the national perspective on motorist and transportation issues:

No matter your political stance, the National Motorist Association encourages all motorists to vote in every local election. Remember–all traffic is local and your vote can make a difference in how streets and roads are funded plus other motorist issues that might matter to you.


Statewide—Proposition 30

Voters will decide whether a 1.75% extra tax on residents with a personal income over $2 million per year can be used to raise an additional $3.5 to $5 billion annually for electric vehicle purchase rebates, EV charging stations, and wildfire prevention.

Failed: 58.59% NO and 41.41% YES

El Dorado County Measure R and Measure S

Measure R asks voters to increase the hotel/motel tax on the West Slope from 10% to 12%. An estimated $340,000 yearly would be raised for road maintenance.

Failed: (needed a two-thirds supermajority) 53.34% YES and 46.66% NO

Measure S asks voters to increase the hotel/motel tax in the Lake Tahoe area from 10% to 14%. Revenue estimated at $2.5 million annually would be used for snow removal and road maintenance.

Approved: (needed a two-thirds supermajority) 81.13% YES and 18.87% NO

Fresno County Measure C

If successful, Measure C would implement a 30-year sales tax that would raise the sales tax a half-cent for an estimated $6.8 billion for roads/highways/streets ($4.5 billion), rural and urban transit ($812 million), safe bikes and pedestrians ($75 million), and sustainable transportation ($144 million).

Failed: (needed a two-thirds supermajority) 57.99% YES and 42.01% NO

Madera County Measure T

Voters will decide whether to renew the county’s half-cent sales tax to provide funding an estimated $10.4 million annually for 20 years for streets, highways, and bridges.

Failed: (needed a two-thirds supermajority): 54.21% YES and 45.79% NO

Sacramento County Measure A

Voters will decide whether to raise a total of $8.5 billion ($212.5 million annually for 40 years) with a half-cent percent sales tax for roads, new bridges, and expansion of light rail.

Failed: (needed a simple majority): 53.96% NO and 46.04% YES

Long Beach, Measure 3

A Yes or No vote on whether to establish a police oversight commission.

Approved: (needed a simple majority): 58.45% YES to 41.55% NO

Huntington Park, Measure PP

A Yes or No vote to authorize an overnight parking permit program on public streets.

Approved: (needed a simple majority): 52.15% YES to 47.85% NO

San Francisco Proposition I

Voters will decide whether to allow private motor vehicles on John F. Kennedy Drive and connector streets (known as the JFK Promenade) except for Sundays and legal holidays plus Saturdays April through September.

Failed: (needed a simple majority): 62.78% NO and 37.22% YES

San Francisco Proposition J

In a competing JFK Drive proposition, Voters will decide whether to uphold the May 2022 ordinance that provided for the closure of portions of JFK Drive and some connector streets in Golden Gate Park to use as open recreation areas.

Approved: (needed a simple majority): 61.08% YES and 38.92% NO

San Francisco (City and County) Proposition L

Voters will decide whether to raise $2.6 billion ($100 million annually for next 30 years) through the renewal of a one-half cent sale tax through 2053 for transit maintenance/improvements (41.2%); major transit projects (22.6%); streets and freeways (18.9%); paratransit services (11.4%); system development and management (5.9%). A two-thirds majority of voters would need to approve the extension.

Approved: (needed a two-thirds supermajority): 70.05% YES and 29.95% NO

Tuolumne County Measure X

Located east of Stockton, voters will decide whether to authorize a 10-year, one percent sales tax increase for unincorporated areas of the county. The rate increases from 7.25% to 8.25%. The revenue boost is estimated at $6.4 million and will be used for fire, law enforcement, and road services.

Failed: (needed a two-thirds supermajority): 52.03% NO and 47.97% YES


Boulder County—Sales Tax Renewal Measure 1C

Voters are asked to renew a 0.1% sales tax that would raise $121 million over 15 years to fund multimodal transportation, roads, trails, bikeways, and transit.

PASSED (from the Boulder County League of Women Voters)

Eagle County (Vail Valley)—Sales Tax Increase

Voters are asked to approve a half-cent percent to generate $11.5 million annually. Funds would establish a regional transportation partnership to enhance area transit systems.

Approved: Regional transportation authority passes in all but Gypsum (Vail Daily)


Orange County (Orlando Area) Sales Tax Increase

A Yes or No vote on a 0.1% sales tax increase for 20 years to raise an estimated $11.9 billion. Funds would be used for transit (45%), county roadways (45%), and city roadways (10%).

Failed: 58.32% NO and 41.68% YES


Augusta Question 1

Voters will decide whether to issue $2.055 million in bonds for street and sidewalk improvements, civic center repairs, and a boat landing.

Approved: 75.30% YES and 24.70% NO


Statewide Question 1

Voters are asked to raise a 4% tax (estimated $1.3 billion) on earners over $1 million to support education and transportation. Vote is subject to appropriation by the state legislature.

Approved: 52.01% YES and 47.99% NO

Statewide Question 4

In June, the Massachusetts legislature passed a law that would allow immigrants without legal status to obtain certain driver’s licenses. Question 4 is a repeal against the law. A vote YES would preserve the law and allow undocumented immigrants to apply for a standard driver’s license but not a REAL ID license. A vote NO would repeal the law signed this year.

Approved: 53.67% YES and 46.33% NO


Huron County Property Tax Levy

Voters are asked to vote on funding for the Huron Transit Corporation. The six-year property tax would levy $0.20 per $1,000 of home taxable value.

Approved: Huron County Midterm Election Results (Huron Daily Tribune)

Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne Counties Property Tax Hike

Votes are asked in the three counties to approve a 10-year property tax hike of $0.95 cents per $1,000 in taxable value. The extra taxes would fund the regional transit authority that serves suburban Detroit. Estimated first-year tax revenue is projected to be $20 million.

Macomb County approved a 0.95-mill transit millage for a duration of five years “that is expected to raise $31.1 million in its first year for the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation,” according to the Detroit News.

Oakland County approved a countywide transit millage, allowing the county to join the SMART regional transit system for the first time. Oakland County voters approved a 0.95-mill, 10-year property tax, according to the Detroit News.

Wayne County endorsed a four-year, 0.994-mill levy. “The tax is expected to raise $20.2 million in its first year,” according to the Detroit News.


Statewide C-48

Voters are asked to decide whether a search warrant would be required to access a person’s electronic data.

Approved: 82.32% YES and 17.68% NO


Statewide Initiative 432

Voters will decide whether a valid photographic identification (usually a driver’s license or state ID) would be required to vote.

Approved: 65.55% YES and 34.45% NO


Carson City Question 1

A Yes or No vote will decide on whether to continue the city’s five-cent per gallon tax on diesel fuel with the additional revenue going towards highways, roads, streets, and alleys.

Approved: 60.65% YES and 39.35% NO

New Mexico

Bernalillo County Transportation Bond Measure

Voters will decide whether to issue $10.225 million in bonds for roads and other street and trail improvements.

Approved: 72.62% YES and 27.38% NO

Santa Fe County Question 1

Voters will make a decision on whether to issue $13.0 million in general obligation bonds for road improvements within Santa Fe County.

Approved: 82.60% YES and 17.40% NO

North Carolina

New Hanover County (Wilmington area) Sales Tax Increase

The 0.25% sales tax would raise $144 million over 10 years to support the public transportation authority and fund bike and pedestrian paths.

Failed: 53.04% NO and 46.96% YES (Wilmington Star-News)

Charlotte Transportation Bond Measure

Voters will decide whether to issue $146.2 million in bonds to various transportation projects including streets and roads.

Approved: 77.19% YES and 22.81% NO


Akron Issue 10

City voters will decide whether the city should establish a police oversight board and a police auditor office.

Approved: 61.65% YES and 38.35% NO


Harris County (Houston Area) Proposition B

Voters will determine whether to authorize the county to issue $900 million in bonds to fund transportation projects including road maintenance, bridges, and bike lanes.

Approved: 69.06% YES and 30.94% NO

Corpus Christi Proposition A

A Yes or NO vote will decide whether the city of Corpus Christi can issue $92.5 million in bonds for street infrastructure projects.

Approved: 66.88% YES and 33.12% NO

El Paso Proposition A

A decision by local voters will determine whether the city can issue $246.48 million in bonds for street improvements such as sidewalks, streetscapes, and traffic controls.

Approved 61.30% YES and 38.70% NO

Washington State

Statewide Advisory Vote 40

A vote of Yes or No will advise the legislature to either maintain or repeal a tax on transportation network companies passed in House Bill 2076.

Voted to Repeal HB2076: 52.43% NO and 47.57% YES

West Virginia

Statewide Amendment 2

If approved, the measure would allow the legislature the authority to eliminate tangible personal property taxes on personal vehicles, business machinery, equipment, and inventory. Currently, taxes on tangible personal property is enshrined in the state’s constitution, which means the collection is mandatory and not adjustable by elected officials.

Failed: 64.56% NO and 35.44% YES

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