—The Next Generation: NMA E-Newsletter #353

We are excited, perhaps not quite this much (but close). 

Last week we launched a fully redesigned It is the culmination of work that began in February with a team of talented developers and our vision to raise the profile of the NMA’s flagship website. The depth and breadth of content on motorists’ issues remains the same but it’s presented in a more interesting and accessible manner, particularly for mobile device users. 

The layout of each page is designed to allow you to navigate the site with maximum efficiency. The new Motorists home page provides a great illustration of that:


One area that has gone through a major restructuring is our state pages. Where the earlier version contained static reference information drivers in each state, we now present a full palate of regional driving news, opinion pieces, and other featured articles. Each state page also has a forum where we invite lively online discussions on the issues of the day. 

Our goal is to make each state page the go-to destination for motorists who want to stay engaged. Visit your state page regularly and encourage your friends to do the same. Just click on “State-by-State” from the main menu bar and select your state.  

A screen capture of the New York page at highlights some of the new features:


Besides joining in the state forum discussions, you can also participate by helping us find fresh, interesting articles to post in the Featured Posts & Alerts and Driving News areas of each state. If you run across a story you don’t see posted but think others will enjoy or find provocative, click on the link at the bottom of the state’s Trending Now section and send us a link to the article.

Another reason to visit your state page frequently: This is where you will find timely legislative alerts and calls-to-action on local and state developments where your voice can make the difference between good and bad policy for our driving freedoms. Each alert will provide a clear summary of the issue at hand and instructions on how to contact policymakers, be they state lawmakers, city council members or county commissioners.

We could go on and on about the enhancements that have been incorporated across the Motorists domain. But where is the fun in that? Visit the new site at and explore!

Drop us a line at We’d love to hear what you think.

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