Massachusetts Senate Bill 2349 – To Protect Motorists from Excessive EZ-Pass Fees and Fines

Bill No.:
SB 2349
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To Protect Motorists from Excessive EZ-Pass Fees and Fines

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NMA Recommendation:

Senate Bill 2349 is pending in the Joint Transportation Committee. If passed the bill would attempt to limit compounding fees for unpaid/outstanding tolls. Specifically, tolling authorities would be required to review accounts with more than $100 in outstanding fees and fines monthly. They would then be required to contact account holders letting them know the status of their accounts and give them options for payment. The intent is to keep drivers aware of any outstanding balances so that they can address them in a timely manner and keep the fees from compounding.

While the NMA does not support tolling schemes, it does support this measure. There are many reasons (not all of them within the control of the motorist) why a motorist may not be aware of increasing past-due toll penalties. This measure adds some transparency and gives the motorist an opportunity to address issues before they become a financial burden.

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