Massachusetts House Bill 2532 – Relative to Automated Enforcement

Bill No.:
HB 2532
Bill Location:
MassachusettsAssembly / House
Bill Title:

Relative to Automated Enforcement

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NMA Recommendation:

UPDATE 5-19-22: Reporting date extended to Friday June 24, 2022, pending concurrence

UPDATE 5-5-22: Reporting date extended to Wednesday May 18, 2022, pending concurrence

House Bill 2532 is one of a series of related bills that would allow municipalities to implement automated traffic enforcement pilot programs. Specifically, the bill would allow the use of red-light cameras, speed cameras and school bus stop-arm cameras. The bill is currently under consideration in the Joint Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee.

The NMA opposes this measure since photo enforcement has nothing to do with improving highway safety and everything to do with raising revenue. Click the links to learn more about the issues associated with red-light cameras and speed cameras. Regarding stop-arm cameras, supporters play upon the strong emotions elicited by the prospects of school children put at risk by negligent motorists and they imply the cameras will save countless lives. The truth is far different. For more information, go here.

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