Immediate Attention: Call/Email your Indiana House Reps to Oppose House Bill 1150

Dear Indiana Members,

On January 12, 2022, the House Roads and Transportation Committee will be discussing HB1150 that would authorize the use of speed cameras in school zones.

Contact your state house representative today to ask them to oppose this bill. Here is the link to see the committee’s agenda and find out who is on the committee, and if you have time, please get in touch with committee members before tomorrow’s meeting.

If you want to know more about speed cameras, check out the NMA’s Speed Cameras Issue Page.

It is an actual ‘Taxation by Citation’ bill. Here is some of the language:

“Prohibits the: (1) reporting of offenses and violations on a driving record; (2) use of offenses and violations to determine rates for motor vehicle insurance; and (3) assessment of points under the point system by the bureau of motor vehicles (bureau) for offenses and violations. Requires notification to the bureau if offenses and violations have not been paid timely. Requires the bureau to suspend the registration of a vehicle when the offenses and violations have not been paid.”

Another bill, SB179,  has also been filed. If passed, the Indiana Department of Transportation would be authorized to start an automated traffic control system pilot program to enforce worksite speed limits. It is not a part of tomorrow’s schedule but could appear soon.

Please look out for any additional alerts in the future.

Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of Indiana motorists!

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