June is Lane Courtesy Month

June 2007

One of the most frustrating problems that drivers face is poor lane courtesy — drivers blocking the left lane. The idea of slower moving traffic keeping right seems simple, but it is often forgotten. In order to promote this safe driving practice, the National Motorists Association (NMA) has designated June as Lane Courtesy Month. Better lane courtesy will improve traffic flow, prevent accidents, and can even save motorists money on gas.

“The Summer Driving Season is upon us. People want to get out there and enjoy themselves. Lane Courtesy is a part of that,” says Aaron Quinn, NMA Communications Director. “The NMA wants driving to be safer and more pleasurable for all motorists. That’s why we promote Lane Courtesy Month. This June marks the fifth anniversary of this designation.”

Ignoring the principle of lane courtesy increases congestion and frustration. The instances of tailgating, weaving in-and-out of traffic, and speed fluctuations increase — all of which reduce safety and waste fuel. When motorists yield the left lane, these situations diminish and accidents are avoided. Everyone benefits when driving is more efficient and enjoyable.

Fuel conservation is a significant benefit of lane courtesy. Your vehicle consumes the most fuel when you are accelerating. It burns much less when you are able to achieve a consistent speed. Lane courtesy, when properly obeyed, promotes the smooth flow of traffic and helps drivers maintain an even pace. With gas prices at record highs, fuel economy improvements are doubly important.

Safety and gas savings are not the only reason motorists should yield the left lane; most states also have laws requiring them to do so. Government agencies spend billions of dollars to promote speed limit compliance, seatbelt usage, and construction zone safety, but little attention is paid to lane courtesy. The majority of motorists agree on the need for lane courtesy, so a small investment to promote it would be very worthwhile.

For more information concerning Lane Courtesy Month visit here or contact the National Motorists Association at (608) 849-6000.