The primary responsibility of a National Motorists Association City Advocate volunteer is to help monitor motorist-related activities (whether supporting or opposing NMA positions) arising within a specified city or county government, including:

  • City Council
  • County Commission
  • Mayor’s office
  • City Manager’s office
  • City and County transportation/street departments
  • City Police and County Sheriff
  • Planning commissions
  • Citizen groups

Monitoring means:

  • Developing and maintaining a contact list of key city/county government officials (including office addresses, websites, phone numbers and email addresses of key staff, elected and governmental officials).
  • Following official city, county and regional meeting agendas and minutes, flagging items that can affect motorists.
  • Keeping a contact list of groups that support or oppose the NMA mission on a local level. If group activities warrant interest, advise the National Office. Check out their activities periodically and report them.
  • Working with state activists and the National Office to report any findings concerning motorist rights activities of note.
  • Advising the National Office of local developments that could supplement the NMA’s National Office’s weekly blog posts: ATE (Automated Traffic Enforcement) Racket Report or on the War on Cars Watch.

Not required but highly encouraged:

  • Write letters/emails/op-eds about local motorist rights issues.
  • Develop and maintain a city/county media and editorial board contact list.
  • Serve as media resource and spokesperson (can be trained for this by the National Office).
  • Meet with local elected representatives or governmental officials to build relationships and to promote issues of importance for motorists.


  1. Be an active member of the National Motorists Association.
  2. Have access to the Internet and have a direct email address.
  3. Have good communications skills and basic spreadsheet knowledge. (Training available by the National Office.)