Vehicle Emissions Fact Sheet ( PDF )
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The NMA supports emissions reduction programs and regulations that have the following qualities:

  • They are truly effective in reducing harmful emissions.
  • They are cost effective.
  • They place the burden of development and implementation on vehicle manufacturers, fuel suppliers, and responsible governmental agencies.
  • They do not place onerous, time consuming and expensive burdens on vehicle owners.
  • They are not applied retroactively.
  • They are not a pretext for unrelated government, corporate, or special interest objectives.
  • They are not arbitrarily applied without regard to the harm they may cause to other economic, social, or personal interests.

With these principles as our foundation we are in a position to test the validity and desirability of emissions reduction proposals, regulations, and laws. For example, universal mandatory vehicle inspection programs fail on several counts. They are not effective at reducing emissions. They are not cost effective. All the burden for compliance falls to the vehicle owner. And, they largely serve the interests of governmental employees, repair shops, and parts manufacturers. Conversely, mandated, long term warranty requirements for vehicle emissions components easily meet these standards.

Emissions Inspection Programs

The NMA unequivocally opposes mandated universal emission inspection programs. Such programs are costly, intrusive and ineffective, having no positive effect on air quality.

Scrappage Programs

Premature scrappage programs are opposed by the NMA and are considered not only ineffective, but actually counterproductive.

These programs allow stationary sources of air pollution (such as industrial plants) to continue emitting high levels of contaminants, undercut existing recycling programs and businesses and make it more difficult and more expensive for low-income persons to properly maintain older vehicles. They also reduce the availability of parts and components needed by auto collectors and hobbyists.