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National Focus

The Driving News Headlines are winding down for 2022. The NMA’s National Office staff wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season and please be safe out there! 

Traffic safety dominated the headlines this week.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration released a study that claims more than half of all serious traffic accidents involve drugs or alcohol.

Winter has arrived and grieving parents from Chicago warn that packed snow at the side of elevated roads can be deadly.

Gas Prices Still Claim one of the top Spots on the Driving News Headline Heap       

Police Headlines Continue to also Dominate                                  

Auto Industry Headlines are as Varied as Ever                              

Auto Safety Must Always be a Concern:                                          

Auto Tech Watch Headlines This Week:                                          

The Headlines are Rather Grim if you are Trying to Buy a Vehicle:        

Trucking Industry News hits Home:                                                  

National Driving News Headlines:                                                      

International Driving News Headlines:                                              

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 Top Regional and Local Headlines




New York                                                                                                   



Washington State                                                                                   

Other Regional and Local Driving News Headlines                      

Motorist-Related Legislative Headlines                                            

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Motorist Corner

On this week’s Driving in America Blog, we revisit a newsletter from summer on Highway Deaths in Rural America and NMA Blogger Eric Peters discusses vehicle weight changes.

The Car Coach, Lauren Fix, presented two vlogs this week on the NMA blog:

Used Car Market Won’t Recover Till 2025

NO JOKE! Switzerland Looks to Ban Electric Cars to Avoid Blackouts

Eric Peters also wrote a review on the 2022 Lexus GX460.

NMA in the News this week:

NJ Turnpike agrees to pay billions to help fund the Gateway Tunnel (New Jersey Online)

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Best from Auto Press



Reducing Speed Limits to 20 mph has little Impact on Driving Behavior

Belfast officials changed the speed limits to 20 mph on 76 roads in 2016. Researchers analyzed data from before and after the 20 mph limit was introduced on the same streets and compared that data with other Northern Ireland roads that retained 30 to 40 mph. They did not find any statistically significant differences in average traffic speeds and the number of accidents. One change they did find: the 20-mph roads experienced a reduction in traffic. . .

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