Courtesy is civility and respect, if not kindness, that we show to those around us in everyday life. The same is true with driver courtesy, which carries the added importance of safety implications for all who are on the road, including drivers, passengers, bicyclists,  pedestrians, and others.

Universal driver courtesy is an essential ingredient for safer and more pleasant driving experiences.

What is Driver Courtesy?

It can be thought of as a golden rule—treat other drivers and road users as you would like to be treated. The video tips presented below and at the right offer several do’s and don’ts of courteous driving.


Curb Your Road Rage
Don’t Block Driveways
Don’t Tailgate!
Drive Right, Pass Left
Focus On Driving
Give Space
Merge Courteously
No Rubbernecking
Park Between the Lines
Pass with Purpose
Scrape It Off
Stay Out of Blind Spots
Stop for Emergency Vehicles
Weave Baskets, Not Lanes
Yield Right
Be a Courteous Driver
Dim Your Headlights
Don’t be a Slowpoke
Don’t Block the Box
Drive Steady, Drive Safe
Heads up in Parking Lots
Large Trucks Need Space
Let On-Ramp Traffic Merge
Let the Train Win
Move Over for Emergency Vehicles
Park Tight to the Curb
Secure Your Stuff
Use Your Blinker
Yield to Cars in a Roundabout
Yield to Pedestrians

You, no doubt, have other examples of driver courtesy. We’d love to hear them. Email us at

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