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Driving Safely They Aren’t

Are you a ‘passive passer?’ Some motorists seem to have been conditioned to regard a safely executed fast pass as “unsafe” and for that reason, most don’t even try to pass. Instead, they meekly follow. Their pace is determined by the pace of the car ahead of them, whose driver refuses to drive even the speed limit. […]

Driver Courtesy Month 2022 Begins!

The National Motorists Association presents Driver Courtesy Month 2022 during September and this year we have something spectacular for you! The NMA’s Driver Education Committee along with freelance animator John Weeden developed 15 animations that depict various areas of driver courtesy. If you would like to check them out all at once, click here. Over […]

Don’t Be a Road Rager or the Victim of One

Editor’s Note: This piece originally appeared as the cover story in the Fall 2021 Edition of the National Motorists Association’s quarterly magazine Driving Freedoms. If you would like to receive our magazine, please become a member of the NMA today! Driving is an act of responsibility and trust. On the road, we have faith that […]

Driver Courtesy Month—Steady as You Go!

Welcome to Driver Courtesy Month! This blog is part four of our month-long series on Driver Courtesy. Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3! Don’t forget to take the online quiz Are You a Courteous Driver? “Steady as you go” can mean many things to many different people, but for the purposes of […]

Road rage! How to avoid it, how to respond

By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach Have you noticed that drivers have not been paying attention to the roadways lately? Even worse, some are just angry and out of control, and I have seen some really dumb actions by drivers. Road rage has returned with some deadly results. How can you avoid these drivers and […]

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