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How to Fight Speed Bumps, Humps, and Cushions Part 2

By California NMA Member Stacey Charlton  In Part 1, we learned the difference between speed bumps, humps, and cushions. Overseas they are called “sleeping policemen.” There are many disadvantages to these so-called road hazards/control devices …I mean speed calming devices that are not clearly disclosed through a city’s public work’s engineering department. This series of […]

How to Fight Speed Bumps, Humps and Cushions Part 1

By California NMA Member Stacey Charlton  Speed bumps, humps, and cushions are the common names for traffic calming/control devices that lie in the street in both a vertical and horizontal plane to make drivers slow down. The many disadvantages to these road hazards are not always clearly disclosed through a city’s public works, traffic engineering, […]

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