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Is it Time to Embrace Advanced Vehicle Safety Technologies?

As our roads get busier and driving becomes ever-more challenging, advanced driver safety technologies present effective ways of keeping both ourselves and our passengers out of harm’s way. We all like to think we’re good drivers. After all, every one of us passed our test, right? But the automotive world is changing at break-neck pace, […]

NTSB Wants to Turn Our Highways into a For-Profit Police State

Why does the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) want to change its goal of providing legitimate highway safety research into an advocacy of ever-present, for-profit enforcement aimed primarily at safe drivers who are endangering no one? In a sweeping set of recommendations from its July 25, 2017 public meeting, the NTSB threw down a draconian […]

Why does the Rush to Driverless have to be at the Speed of Light?

The NMA Foundation presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: In the rush to driverless, there are many questions that have not yet been answered especially when it comes to cybersecurity and auto privacy of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Representative Debbie Dingell (MI) recently told Bloomberg BNA, “I think every single member up here is worried about cybersecurity […]

Did driverless cars just have their best month ever?

The NMA Foundation presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: The website theverge.com this week headlined an article called “Self-driving cars just had one of their best months yet.” The subheadline was even more hyperbolic, “Autonomous vehicles are moving from their infancy into their adolescence.” As a car of the future watcher, I believe that autonomous vehicles […]

One Foot in—One Foot out

The NMA Foundation presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: The Governors Highway Safety Administration recently doled out some advice for state officials with regards to autonomous vehicles (AVs).  “Be a player in your state” and “Be flexible. This is a new game.” States are indeed at a difficult crossroads.  Officials want to be seen at the […]

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