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Florida Laws on Yielding to Emergency Vehicles & Right of Way

By George Lorenzo Everyone should know to move over for an ambulance, fire truck, police car and roadside rescue trucks. But did you also know you should move over for sanitation, utility service, tow trucks and wreckers? Even if these vehicles are stopped, you should still move over one lane, especially if any of them […]

Is the Move Over Law in Georgia Working?

By Attorney H.Q. (Alex) Nguyen, car accident attorney and founder of the 770GOODLAW, H.Q. (Alex) Nguyen Law Firm, LLC Emergency vehicles and those that work on Georgia’s roads are in a precarious position. In order to do their job, they must interact with traffic. Sometimes, that traffic is moving very quickly, posing a real danger […]

NMA Wrap Up of Legislative Activity, 3rd Quarter 2019: NMA E-Newsletter #562

July, August, and September were not nearly as active in resolving NMA-tracked legislation as in the second quarter, but October began with some very important events that will have positive ramifications for motorists well into the future. Let’s start with the final disposition of bills in the third quarter:   Bills Opposed by the NMA […]

NMA Wrap Up of Legislative Activity, 2nd Quarter 2019: NMA E-Newsletter #547

April, May, and June were busy months in state legislatures where many of the bills affecting motorists that were introduced in the first quarter, or carried forward from last year, were resolved. The results were a mixed bag, but the biggest victory was a special one: Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed into law House […]

Move Over Law Impacts More than Law Enforcement

South Carolina law requires that motorists slow down and, if possible, move over into an adjacent lane when they see first responders working in the roadway. The goal of the law is the protection of first responders, but the law also directly impacts those assisting first responders – specifically, tow truck drivers, who often are […]

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